About us

ALTOM, as a company, is a family business founded by the Żurowski family back in 1991. Over the three decades of its market presence, the company has built a robust and reputable brand and established a solid footprint in the homeware domain–both regarding products and wthin the scope of professional services. ALTOM’s primary fields of business include design, manufacturing, and distribution of household products.


The extensive range of products offered by ALTOM includes around 7,000 items, all of which can be used to make your kitchen, living rooms, and general interiors much more comfortable to stay in. ALTOM also offers a broad range of pots and pans, stylish cutlery sets, kitchen knives, elegant porcelain sets, glass, cleaning items, and decorative, unique, and practical gifts for everyone, tailored to any occasion or purpose. Our collections are created in a manner aimed at making the users feel at ease in their surroundings.


We do export our products within the European market and beyond. Our customers can make use of our extensive export experience, as we help them handle all of the related formalities and paperwork, thus they may be less burdened by the trouble associated with importing homeware from other countries.


To make cooperation as smooth as possible, we have created a website dedicated to handling B2B customer relations. It serves as a tool that facilitates managing the relationships between Altom and the customers. It is our online store, available 24/7 and subject to continuous expansion. The B2B website allows customers to place their orders regardless of where they are, at any time of day or night. You can register your account at the hurt.altom website.


The ALTOM brand is growing which translates into a boost of brand awareness, and further expansion of our domestic, European, and global footprints.


Design Studio

We have our own Altom Design Studio with a team of creative designers and advanced production facilities. We design connected multi-component collections, allowing to equip the interior in style way. We care especially about the functionality and aesthetics of our products. We independently design and manufacture decorations on various materials, including glass and porcelain, according to orders from B2B sphere. We also have the ability to perform customized packaging of our products. Our partners receive ready-to-use solutions for interior decoration.


The biggest success of Altom Design Studio was the creation in 2016 own unique style of porcelain tableware collection MariaPaula, which quickly found its place in Polish and European homes.


Logistics Centre

Company Altom guarantees the stability and reliability of supplies. We have our own logistics centre, located in the Central part of Poland, close to the A2 motorway, which allows us quickly reach the main European transport routes. We have great experience in the field of warehousing and picking of goods. We constantly have at our warehouse inventory stock of about 25,000 pallets. Own fleet of trucks and vans allows us instantly respond to the current needs of our customers.
Altom for many years holds a strong position among the leading Polish distributors of household products. The confirmation of our position in the market is a big collection of awards and certificates received from consumer organization?, business partners, the experts juries and trade organizations.

Private Brands

Altom success is to create strong brands, offering kitchenware, porcelain, home textiles and decorative items. Distinctive features of the brands and collections created by Altom, are highly developed and vivid variety of collections and products that allow customers to express their own style in home interiors. Collections that we create are created in accordance with the latest trends and are an ideal response to the needs of today’s customers. In our offer you can find comprehensive collections that create ready-made layouts that you can offer your clients.


In 2014 we launched own author?s porcelain collection MariaPaula. The porcelain of this brand is being produced for us by the best Polish porcelain factories. When planning the launch of new collections of porcelain, for us it was obvious that it needs to meet the high expectations and requirements. Therefore, the production of porcelain MariaPaula we rely on traditional methods, enriching them with modern production technology. The final product takes into account not only the modern requirements of the clients, but also their culinary customs.


Currently we offer five lines of porcelain MariaPaula: classic white, full of warmth Ecru and decorated with relief Geometry, Nova, modern and minimalist form, Natura,  with a characteristic structure resembling tree bark and Moderna,  irregular, streamlined shapes of cutlery elements and a combination of round and square plates.  Each of them is available in several decorations, designed in various styles and colors. Porcelain MariaPaula is being sold in the form of dining and tea or coffee sets, as well as smaller sets in elegant gift packages. MariaPaula porcelain collections is currently leading style, from the point of view of sales in Poland.

Polish porcelain MariaPaula Moderna – Check how it’s made

Altom Design

Brand Altom Design involves a wide range of collections, including ceramics, cutlery, pans, stainless steel products, kitchen accessories, home textile. In addition to visual appeal, a distinctive feature of products of this brand is the functionality and safety of operation and affordable price, making this brand?s products are indispensable in every home. Full of freshness Altom Design brand is being associated with the original design and functionality, combined with good quality. This brand offers a very diverse collections, so that the clients could choose to surround themselves with items that express their individual style.



VALDINOX is a modern brand of cookware and kitchen tools with high durability that serve throughout the years. We offer frying pans, sauce pans, casserole made of stainless steel and aluminum coated with non-stick surface and also kitchenware accessories. Each VALDINOX kitchenware item allows many uses, always guaranteeing an excellent result and satisfaction from cooking. VALDINOX brand contains different cookware collections, in particular, universal ROCK, modern PRO, stylish AURUM and spectacular EXPERT.


Silesia is the brand very close related to Altom. ALTOM is the only distributor of the enameled cookware of that brand. Fashionable and interesting shapes ?? enameled pots are an extension to the collection of kitchenware made from porcelain. The enamel coating which has properties of glass, provides a really healthy way of cooking and storing food. Brand Silesia is, first of all, pots, as well as kitchenware and special accessories to perform any task in the kitchen. The brand produces kettles, baking trays, bowls, buckets, colanders and cooking spoons.

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